Thursday, 23 May 2013

My gym awkward moments (18PL)

I am sorry... I know I shouldn't judge but I can't help it! Oh.. actually, I don't care because I think it is a live show!! They wanted my attention.
Awkward 1 : The muscular guy flirting.
I can see it! You've got your biceps bro! No need to sit right in front of my face, pulling your sleeve to your shoulder, lifting I-don't-care-how-many-kg dumbbell with a weirdo smile trying to make eye contact with me. That is a TURN OFF you loser! Nak show off pun agak-agak la wehh~ I pretend like he is invisible while trying so hard to not to laugh my ass off.
Errr... handsome macam ni pun aku tetap tak terpikat kalau cara kau approach macam ni.
You look stupid man! Thas is not sexy.
Awkward 2: Trying so hard to look hot girl.

A plump girl wearing very short and tight pasar malam pants, with a very tight shirt. I can tell her size(s) with my eyes. Wrong size shoes with knee length socks and two high ponytails. Well, I didn't start the judging part except when she started 'mengangkang' widely in the middle of the gym. OMG! I regret I saw that (Your V shape). Yucks! Extremely obscene! I leave the rest to your imagination guys. Oh ya! There was once she was running on the treadmill and trying to chat with me. That was the first and last. Every time I saw her, I pretend I never met her in my entire life. Buat-buat tak kenal.

Awkward 3: Every-six-minutes-six-pack-abs-checker
Muscle does not grow in six minutes bro! Especially when you still have almost 6 inches of fat layer on your abs.Oh wait! Is that abs or crumpled balooon? I am sick with your belly show through the mirror. DON'T DO THAT PLEASE! Aku rasa nak angkat barbell 20 kg jer dan hayun kat kepala dia macam Thor menghayun tukul. Pastu kibas habuk daripada tangan. Done!
Awkward 4: Combat WEIRDO.
Doing jab and hook while jumping/running around the training room. The weird part is : his fist is not even closed. He looks more like a boy playing superman. The only difference is, this 'boy' has hairy leg. Very close! I mean close to retarded. I can't stand it when your sweat splashed on my face when you do your-kind-of-jab. Ewwwww!!! Gross!!
There is always that one person in the gym class who thinks they're in the Olympics.
Bro. Calm. The. F*ck. Down.

p/s: Aku pun pakai barangan pasar malam juga. Cuma bukan seluar pendek tahap nampak c***p yang buat anda kelihatan seperti bersenam di lorong haji taib/ chow kit road. Oh please...

Ahh~ sape baca habis?


  1. me. me baca habis.. biasalah gym berkongsi. kena telan semua tu. hihi.. lepasni hantar surat layang kt pengurusan minta buatkan syarat.. hehe..

  2. Camel toe? apa tu? nak gugel dulu jap..
    4feet8: Hahaha...tapi best jugak nampak orang camtu. Funny!

  3. wooo... hime ajar Len the innocent benda 18sx nmpak...? ekekekeke *troll face* XP

  4. mujur la masa gua workout dulu takde nampak awek sexy2 yang menampakkan camel toe ni..kalau tak, tak tenang gua nak bersenam..hahaha

  5. i went to the gym twice a week..and when i was there, i observed this person..maybe beginner..angkat dumbbell seminit terus tgk kat u said muscles dont grow within an hour..hahah

  6. pLAIn: Lol.... yer. new vocab. hahahah
    Bundle: pun tak tenang nampak tau. hahah..malu tgk.
    Nick: Betul.. funny la..

  7. Maner... Maner.. Gambar dah pull out ker? Aisyrh huhu:)

  8. Maner... Maner.. Gambar dah pull out ker? Aisyrh huhu:)

  9. Awkward 1: haha normal show off Len.. :D mean you're attractive ;)

    Awkward 2: camel toe? lol.. had many eyes on her?.. :)

    Awkward 3: curious guy nih Len.. they might have microscopic eyes that can see through cell developments.. who knows..

    Awkward 4: hairy-boy heroes?

  10. Of course.. I loooikee tengok those boys muka nak tengok tak nak tengok at the girl. Ha Ha Ha..

  11. hahahaha..tergelak aku bila nampak org komen pasal camel toe..terus hilang idea nak komen apa..hahahahha