Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wordless Wednesday (lah sangat) : New job impression...

Yesterday, I went to my office wannabe to sign my offer letter..

While waiting........

Seriously!! These people are crazy!
Oh wait~ they are going to be my colleagues!
What would happen to me after a year!?
Resource : New office wannabe website.
One of the people behind the wall was the guy called Keith 'Penyapu' in the photo. His hair is not fake! But seriously, I think this is gonna be fun!!
p/s: Sorry guys...I got no time to write a proper post lately and these crappy doodle is easier and faster to do which explains the 'crappy'ness.


  1. at last long awaiting girl has come to the office.. lol ;)

    be careful? beware? :D

    maybe it's a good sign be positive :)

  2. betul. sokong. good sign tu.
    gudluck tempat baru, cantik.. ;)

  3. anon: Not all guys la.. ada dua tiga budak pompuan jugak.

    4feet8: I think it is a good sign. Rasanya len pun sama jer bengong dengan budak2 situ. hahah

  4. hahah best la dorang friendly cmtu, rasa welcomed cmtu la best, boleh nak tanya apa2 psl tempat baru tu kan...yg penting dorang x buat perangai mengoutcast new employee ^^

  5. ok.. seriously bla baca agk funny.. msti bakal ofismate u tu gila2 pnya org..hehehe...
    hav fun wit ur work..

    p/s_dah update.. ;)

  6. habis la u kena kenduri ramai2 nanti.....

  7. lol.. anon ni.. xkan la sampai mcm tu skali.

  8. len ko pernah masuk opis yang orang tak pedulikan kau mereka buat deq sambil layan kerja masing-masing dah la sunyi sepi macam kubur.. huhu..

  9. Serius tak hingin kot opis sunyi macam kubur.
    Jiwaku terkubur kang.