Monday, 29 April 2013

monday blues

On last weekend, my 13 years old of friendship friends flied all the way from the east (Borneo) to come here (west) for a mini reunion (BBQ at the pool side).
All of us left our family at the age of 12 - 13 years old... we have been very independent since then. We ate, talked, laughed and do many things together. One thing in common amongst all of us : Independent!
Well, some of us of course already married with kids and some of us are still single (like me). One of my friend just ended her forever-been-together relationship because the guy called her BITCH. Hohoho..... bad move man.
WTF am I talking about? urghhhh~ oh ya... I have a feeling. My feeling is blank.

Monday blues babe... chowbebeh!

BLANK is a feeling too. ~ Len Inouie

"I am not lazy. I just enjoy doing nothing"


  1. hoho...ya, last 2 weeks my friend of 17 years paid a visit to my house with his wife (they're indians)...we're old buddies since form 2, haven't seen each other for 2 years...good friends are indeed precious :)

  2. mat todak! tahniah.. :p

    Plain: Yep! they are very very very precious. They saw us running for candy..we walked down the street coz tak cukup duit naik bas. Haha.. gila! so much of sweet memories..

    atiera. : hi.

  3. saya takkan pergi reunion selagi belum kahwin.. hihi.. missed 2 kali reunion. T.T

  4. maybe i have to wait another 20 years for reunion :) lol

  5. nasib baek masih ramai yang single dlm group. Ada yang baru break, ada yang baru bertunang.. ada yang abru berskandal. hohoh..

  6. Len jom skandal :P