Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Langanan Waterfall Trip

This is quite outdated post. I had so much things happening in my real life. I mean not 'online'.
Hence I am unable to share about my very first trip kind of adventurous after gaining weight (32% fat). Alright... Enough with that self-excuses.

28 Dec 2012 12.20 pm
Poring Hot Spring, Ranau
Sabah / North Borneo/ The Land Below The Wind

‘Seriously!!? This is Kipungit “W.A.T.E.R.F.A.L.L”!? I asked my cousin and brother with a very disappointed face.
“It’s written. Kipungit Waterfall” my cousin answered.
“This isn’t fun. How far Langanan WATERFALL is?” I asked.
“Another 3365 meters”
“Are you guys happy with THIS?” I asked with hand pointing the Kipungit Waterfall.

My cousin with his sketchbook in front of the waterfall. He does sketch for living.

“NO!!!” both of them answered.
“I want more. Langanan Waterfall!? What say!?” I provoke my cousin and my brother.
“YES!!!” both of them agreed.
So three of us decided to go for more. Langanan Waterfall. Oh yea~ the guard warned us that is slippery at the moment. Hence we are not encouraged to go. I say ‘who cares!?’

Tie up my hair before start hiking. ;)
Actually my plan was just to go to Kipungit Waterfall which is 10-15 minutes’ walk from the hot spring pools. But… maybe I had too high expectation that I got frustrated to see the Kipungit Waterfall. It is nice… (I am trying to be nice here) but not enough for me. I’ve seen a bigger waterfall. I’ve jumped from a higher cliff before.

So the journey begun around 12.05 pm. After 15 minutes walking. Ehem!! I don’t see any river. I can’t hear any river. It is continuous hiking... oh~ I passed by a cave. They call it Kipungit Cave (Bat Cave).

My brother posing in front of the signboard
Me posing at the cave entrance.
Well, we did not prepare anything. I only have a bottle of Coke, a pair of change attire, towel and  hand phone in my bag. So, I don't really have safety tool to go inside. I don't want to end up scratched by bats. Anyway, I am more excited to see a WATERFALL instead of BATS. Got it!?
We continued hiking and after an hour of hiking, I felt like almost want to give up because there was no any sign of a river.  The trail was not that difficult (for me) because I could hike with my red flip-flop. J
Photo taken nearby the registration counter. I guess this explain why the guard told us we can't hike at this time. Our look isn't convincing at all. lol... wtf with that flip-flops?

And please... for those who want to hike here, I advise you to bring ‘minyak kapak’ or anything like that because you will encounter leeches here. L.E.E.C.H.E.S aka bloodsuckers.

Bloodsuckers! Sorry.. please kindly ignore my nasty nails. Don't count beauty perfection here please. =)

Me after 3 km hiking. It is a virgin jungle. So, the pathway is clear but sometimes slippery. My brother close to vomiting state and can't hold the camera properly already. That explain the "Parkinson" effect a.k.a blurr. Thanks to Fitness First for making me fit enough to hike for approximately two hours.

To cut it short. It worth it! Satisfaction guaranteed!!!!

Celebrating my achievement with a bottle of Coke!! Ho yeah~
Certainly worth my calorie!
 Here's my youngest brother.. worth the 'almost vomit' state.
That's is my cousin and me :)
[photo from previous enty]
We took 1hour 40 minutes to go down back to the hot spring area. My cousin experienced muscle cramp on the way back because we straight away jumped into the water as soon as we saw the waterfall. My brother was doing fine but I was shivering due to HUNGER!
By the time we reached at the hot spring area, it was already 4.10 pm and 4.++ is close to DARK in Sabah. Please bear that in mind. :)
We tried to find food somewhere in Bongkud but all food stall are closed already.
I had to send my cousin to their house in Muruk. So... I ate durian a lot to fulfil my hunger.
Me hopping into the car before we left  from Muruk for home.. :)
(Baru aku perasan aku pakai seluar terbalik. hahahaha... bungux!)
p/s: I would love to go on a hiking trip.... anyone can please bring me together?





  1. weh.. cantiknya waterfall..
    eh, betul ke minyak cap kapak boleh elakkan lintah dari naik.. itulah yg paling kuelakkan. lintah, pacat..

    td sy baca "I’ve jumped from a higher cliff before", kat mana ni len. mcm menarik je.. hehe

  2. amboi..cantik bebenor waterfall tu..ranau kat belah bawah2 kan? dekat2 LD kan? ke salah?

  3. enchik H salah.
    Ranau kat tengah2..centre of Borneo.

    4ft8: Takde la lagi tinggi daripada Langanan.. tp dulu pernah lompat dari atas air terjun. Highest in Pahang. Tell me which one.

  4. EH, jap.. terengganu ke pahang? Masa tu baru skolah menengah.. dah x ingat nama tempat tu. Senior yang bawa.

    Yep..minyak cap kapak boleh jadi repelent. Xde la sgt3.. tp kalau kean, dia terus jatuh. Xkan melekat punyer.

  5. nice waterfalls.. reminds me waterfalls somewhere in pahang/terenganu that took us 2 hours walking journey from main road..

    I am more excited to see a WATERFALL instead of BATS

    How about BATMAN lol.

  6. Batman also not exciting.. ironman is YES!

  7. aiyoyoo hiking slippery slopes while jungle trekking wearing flip-flop sandals.. bahaya btol... awat tak pakai sport shoes?... nak tunjuk lagak hero hutan yek...huh :p

  8. Sebab bajet nak pi air terjun satu lagi. Pastu tak puas hati.. then ingatkan Langanan Waterfall tu dekat jer.. tgk2 2 jam.

    Nak patah balik mcm alang2.
    So.. LANTAK jer la..

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