Thursday, 14 February 2013

First Failure in 2013

Alright ladies and gentlemen!! I am announcing my failure out loud!
I am still unable to do headstand as stated in my previous post here and I don't think I will be able.

These are my self-excuses:

1). Fitness First Damansara Utama moved to Paradigm Mall.
2). I was on leave since last week of Dec [away from gym] and then the gym at Paradigm was opened only on 15 Jan 2013. I stopped the yoga classes for a while.
3). Location of the gym is further and I could NOT make it on time due to LDP DjAMN.

Dah dah dah!!! cukup ler tu.. cakap jer ko malas Len!
Ye! saya malas dan hilang fokus. Senang cerita! tutup cerita!

Actually what I wanted to tell is : I bought a glove. A very-very-very cheap gym training glove that makes me very-very-very happy and excited to write about it. I bought it in Al-Ikhsan Alamanda right before I went for bowling and movie. I feel that I have to buy gloves because I did VIPR workout on last Thursday and it was hurt without glove. Well... I still want to keep some feminin features on my hands. I want to have a delicate hand. :p

VIPR workout. [google]

NIKE Women's Fit Lightweight Training Gloves. Original Price RM59.00 and I got it for RM29.00. Of course I almost jump and run happily in the store itself.

Guys.. you have no idea how many shops I went just for a stupid glove and most of them cost at least RM7+.00. Kejadah aku nak beli glove nak dekat seratus hengget bagai padahal lemak sama jer. Takde maknanya aku nak buang duet. Kalau kaya takpe ni miskin nak gedik beli barang mahal.

Oh! Sorry.. terlalu banyak monolog dalaman pada hari ini.

*le Len Inouie terlalu excited nak guna glove dia sampai lupa hari ini Valentine's Day.

p/s: Tak menyesal risikokan tangan guna glove murah masa Skytex hari tuh. Kalau tak, aku dah terbeli Rm79.00 punya glove.


  1. that look nice.. yang murah punya agak kurang selesa Len..

    nanti carik kat ikhsan jugak haha.. :)

  2. Yep! Murah sangat takbest jugak. Tp ni untuk Rm29.00 berbaloi-baloi kot.. takde la kematu tangan sebab workout.

  3. len... respon please. what apps. esok training. mcmana nak contact len..?

  4. Sorry.. line cam x bagos jer..
    1 msg pun xde masuk. Tenet pun slow.