Thursday, 17 January 2013

17 Jan 2013 : Black attire (18SG)

What should I wear today?
A total black attire?
No. It is forbidden to mourn or grief in my religion.
I wore purple & blue today.
Happy colours for me.

(Royal blue on purple)
DEATH. It is suppose to be a happy thing.
That is what I learnt in my religion.
Death is happiness.
If I were given an option, I would choose death over the doom's day.
I was taught that if we've been good enough, death is a good thing.
Death means we will meet our Almighty Creator. Our Inventor.
Our Master, the One and Only.
I am very optimist about death.

But... 17 Jan?
Oh you!
I still wish to have an answer..
your loves...
your thoughts...
your miseries...
and your mysteries...
I will never know...
(the lonely abandoned grave as of 30th Dec 2012)

It has been 7 years...
I always wanted to tell you that I didn't fail the exam.
I scored 3.00 for the exam that I thought I would fail and makes you hate me.
I  always remember that no matter how intelligent I can be,
you (old people) always know the best for me.
I wanted to surprise you...
but you surprised me more with you 'absence'.

I have to move on from now on...
Thanks for the 'Mulen'.
The name that you've given me.
(I think it is pretty.. and cool too)
I will be stronger like never ever before.
Like how you always wanted me to be.
I think, it is time for me to say goodbye sincerely...
I came to you...
so, don't 'come' to me anymore...
~hinopo kyo~
~rest in peace my greatly beloved DAD~
With love,
nouie @ mulen


  1. menangis sy baca o ging... terasa kerinduan ko sama bapa ko. but i know you are strong enough..

  2. Mati memang lebih baik sebab kita tak tau macamana mati lagi lol..
    Macam kat dunia ni seksa sangat :(

    Setiap hari aku bangun aku fikir eh masih diberi nyawa harap boleh jalankan kehidupan sebaiknya..

    tapi entah la..

  3. saya tak tau macam mana nak cakap.. tapi kalau sebagai muslim, kami akan banyak sedekahkan ayat2 Al-Quran dan doa kepada ibu bapa kami yang telah meninggal dunia.. jadi, awak kena banyakkan berdoa untuk ayah awak tau.berdoa cara awak dan agama awak. doa anak yang sangat diperlukan mereka dia di sana :)

  4. Kuli Cabok: Aku maksudkan kiamat. Kiamat (mati sorang) atau kiamat dunia. Better mati dulu.. ;)

    Boni: Dlm agama saya, apa yang kita buat sepanjang hidup tu jer bekal pas mati.. pad mati dah takde ape dah boleh buat. Bagi kitorng, maaf, doa dan semua dah tak berfungsi lepas mati. Semua atas tanggungjwb sendiri semasa hayat.

  5. admire sama courage ko Len ^^

  6. Yea Len

    Nak tak hendak kita akan mati
    Wish for imortal kombat? huhu
    dan tak boleh boleh bawak mati..

    DO whatver we can and do the best..

  7. be tough Len =)
    kalau islam mmg kami berdoa laa kesejahteraan smua... tapi Len pun boleh berdoa kan? maksud Na even agama lain2 pun berdoa jugak kan?