Monday, 17 December 2012

First Date with Online Guy

NOTE: This entry is suitable just for JIWANGERS that is willing to read a long entry. ;) 

I was standing in front of the ticket counter when I saw his name appear on my small screen and a guy standing beside me. I looked at him and try to recall the memory of his face on his Facebook account. (That’s him!)

I lifted my hand and he holds it. Shaking hands. Okay!? Not holding hands like what you might have thought. ;)

 "Hi... How do I address you?"  I asked.
"You can call me Len"
"Yea... I know"
"9.30 pm show is finished. I think we have no option. 10.30! How about that?" I was suggesting as I lock my eyes on him. Len's normal practice since I don't know when.

“Hobbit 10.30pm for 2 person, normal seat or couple seat?”
He looked at me. I smile; close to laugh.

“Couple seat please” he ordered. I laughed again. I didn't smile. 
Hell... what so funny Len?
He asked me to pick the seat. He smiled with satisfaction on my selections. I hope so!

It is 9.45pm. Well, most of the shops are closing soon.
No option. We walk down and went to the Mc Donald’s.
“What do you want? I know you are McD-holic” he asked or giving a statement I don’t know.
“Light coke with large fries”
“Two large fries, one large Light Coke and one Iced Lemon Tea with less ice” he orders.
As he waits for the order, I left to get straws for both of us.

“How did you know it is me? I bet I am way different from my twitter profile photo. Way uglier than the photos” I asked nonchalantly without looking at him. 
“Yes. You don’t look like the girl with the tilted head”  as he tilts his head imitating my photo.
“Ha-ha-ha... Titled head! That was last year’s photo (I was fatter back then). Then how did you know it is me?”
“Your after workout photo at the gym! That looks like the person in front of me. The tilted head!? Too much makeup!” he said.
“Too much makeup huh!?” I smiled at him.
We laughed.
“It is 1030. Show time” he said.
“Relax... My fries are hot and not finished yet. I told you. I'm a slow eater. Let me eat please... "

I couldn't finish the fries but I got no choice. I left it on the table even though he suggested her to bring it together into the theater. Maybe *le Len looked too attached with the fries that he suggested her to carry the fries into the room. The fact is, *le Len wanted to finish the fries because she is avoiding to feel that his money is wasted.
“I’m sorry... I didn't know that the movie will start this soon. Normally they will start later” I whisper to him. 
He smells good. Like an oriental fragrance. Soothing smell of his perfume makes me feel comfortable. Thanks God I am not dating a smelly guy! I was holding my full cup Light Coke and searching for a place to put it but I couldn't find because the lady already took the glass holder. He asked me to ask the lady to move her bottle so I can put my very cold cup but I refuse.
“I don’t do that” I said with a smile. 
(He has no idea that I am actually scared to ask the lady to move her bottle. Besides, she got the place first so I shouldn't ask for it. It would be inconsiderate)
Damn! The cup was really cold actually but I pretend like I am okay. Stupid! It is movie and I can’t concentrate because of the cold hand.
“Hey, put your cup here’ he said.
“hehehe... Thank you”. (I know you pretent your drink is finished for me man)
He grabbed my cup and put into the glass holder on his right side.
“Can you help to keep my key and wallet in your handbag?” he asked.

Time flies as I got bored with the flying too long-too slow bird in the movie. My imagination flew. I imagine me shooting those stupid slow birds to make the movie finish faster. The story line is not bad but I don't really need a flying birds actions. I know bird flies. Dragon flies. Come on, do you really need to show too much flying skills of flying the things!? I am not watching National Geography or Animal Planet.

“WHAT!!!!? I can't believe it” I screamed. The movie ended just like that.
“Eh, that is almost my name!”  I mumble with little excitement.
“You missed it! My real name"

“I can’t believe it ended just like that. 3 hours of my life wasted” I said.
“What!? Wasted?” he asked.
“..... I need to go to the restroom” I don’t want to argue about that. So I better ignore his question.

In the restroom; I was thinking about the night. I still couldn't believe I go for almost midnight movie on the first date with an online friend. It supposed to be at 7.30pm and changed to 9.30pm and end up 10.30pm. My watch shows 1.30 a.m. DANGER ALERT! *le cautious Len Inouie warn me. I shook my head to *le cautious Len Inouie. "Yes, I am being stupid Len" I said.
I saw his wallet inside my handbag.
I smile: An evil smile of course! I slowly open his wallet looking for his ID.
“Three names. Real name” I whispered to myself. So he was using his real name in the social networks. Too bad, he doesn't even know my real name. Pity you my friend.

On the way to the car he asked me where I parked my Shin Chan.
“Let me recall” I replied.
“Your car is 1378?” he guessed.
“What!? You stalked my car? Yes. I think that is my plate”
“You don’t remember your plate number?”
“I do-I guess-Oh! I really sound like a blond now. Yes 1378!”
“Yes! I got it correct. Black Honda City parked at single female driver’s bay” he jumped with excitement. I roll my eyes: agitated a while. Of course you know because I told you I parked in female zone.
“Hahahaha....” I explode to laugh.
“Single Female” I repeat.
“So, you are leaving or you want to grab some drinks. I know a 24 hour restaurant we can sit a while. HAYAKI. Halal restaurant” I offered.
“Okay, I will follow you car” he answered.
Well, he paid for the ticket and drinks; I should treat him another drink I guess. 

I am not a ‘consumer’.

To be continued...


4feet8 said...

pergi tak ke hayaki..? jgn ckp tak g, ok.. ;p

Encik H said...

wahhh..quite okey la utk 1st date..dgn online friend pulak tu..hehehe

Watercolour said...


plain83 said...

ohhaa.. XD

Len Inouie said...

lol.. pagi2 anda semua sudah dihidangkan dengan cerita jiwang. Oh yeah~ :P

Jna marcello said...

1st date means so wonderful moment kan klau dgn org yg agak kita suka..BUT 1st date u wasted ur timed to wacth hobbit really felt so annoying kann HAHAHA Na tataw kenapa Na rasa bosan tgk crita tu dgn ending yg seriously?? mcm tu..kalau nak ade part2 senonoh laa sikit ending dyee grrrrr
tp BF na suka pulak hobbit tu.. yelaa pendapat masing2 Lem =)

Len Inouie said...

beto na~~~ ending yang; What!? Seriously? Are u f**kg kidding me?
Tp xde la pulak nak mencarut depan dia kan. Kat sini aku emncarut al.

1st date beb. 1st Impression is crutial.

Wenwink Kidu.Duki said...

ada kawan blog ckp, tak baik reveal no kereta. untuk mengelak hal x elok laaa

apa pun.. siok juga ka tu hobbit? sy mau tengok tapi teda panggung d tg malim. huhu

PiSCes Za said...

nice blind date beb!
the hobbit - starting quite boring, but ending ok la jugak apa.

then let share with us, handsome tak mamat tu? hahaha

Len Inouie said...

Wen: I know, it is for safety.. tp bukan tau full pun. So, no issue sgt.

Not so blind. Not that I know him yesterday or few months.

hime s said...


weh hobbit bes ke x? 3 muvi kan?

Warna Warni Kehidupan said...

willing to read but not enaf time haha lari-lari dari jelingan boss.. will come back later :)

Len Inouie said...

Lama sgt la Hobbit tuh.. dah sakit punggung. I easily get distracted.
Entah... mcm tak berapa suka jer.

OrangMinyak said...

Dating online guy? is he wired or wireles?

read on your blog the online guy seem to be offline of idle (during date time)

kakakaka just joking..

Len Inouie said...

Hahah...he will be reading my post soon.


I hope he won't kill me because of my posts.

Wenwink Kidu.Duki said...

hee mksd sy dalam blog bei.

Len Inouie said...

haaa? kenapa jugak kunun wen? nanti ada org beli nombor ka?

dilla said...

woahhh dis is cool , u r so calm babe . haha

Len Inouie said...

read the next one dilla.
I got caught checking out other girls while I am out with a man.