Friday, 5 April 2013

Kau ada?

Because of work, I don't really have the time to post lately.. sorry guys!
and because of that too...
I would like to show you my work place..
This area is located in the middle of the office where we can sit and have discussion freely..
I never used the bean bags because I am wearing skirts.. :p
There are more photos....continue reading please

If you come to visit me, you will have to wait here first. Don't worry, it is almost feels like a kitchen area. The pantry is just right behind the seats..
This is the pantry/bar counter that I am referring to.. help yourself please.. :p
We still have two pantries for staffs. This is the for guests.
If you enter the building from the wrong tower (not the main entrance), you will have to wait for me here. But they only have small coffee station here.
Oh yea~ the best area to sleep during lunch!!
Someone caught in red hand. Lol..
No! It is okay to sleep during lunch..
But I just had an interview with another company today..
The company has pool table in their entrance.
Macam lagi BEST!
Nah, kau ada!?
(sila tampar *le Len Inouie yang berlagak bagos)


4feet8 said...

oit..ada pantry tu kat dpn.
yg tdo tu inouie dan bukannya len. hehe..
good luck len.. ;)

Len Inouie said...

Td dah interview.
Tp xtau la dpt ke x.. sbb len xleh nak jawab banyak benda..

Totally different background punyer la.. xde kaitan sains2 neh..
Xde kaitan dgn property.

plain83 said...

uih beanbag chair tu... aku ada kerusi kontot, x tau nama apa, bukan beanbag la, tp best duduk masa goreng guitar ^^

jeng jeng jeng, go go career advancement! good luck Len, all the best! :D

Len Inouie said...

ho yeah~~~ refreshed sikit tgk sorakan plain!!


Prince of Noob said...

haah la saya takde la... kerja apa len? best gila office macam office google

Len Inouie said...

customer experience management. Haha... ada sape2 tau x ape tu? xpe..tak penting.

Yg penting, tempat yg len pi interview pg tadi lg cambest!
kaki ayam jer dlm office.

hana hadi said...

erk. xda xda

hime s said...

ada meja pool tu cool.all the best bebeh!

Anonymous said...

wah macam office kat google.. :)
apa ada kat pantry setakat kerusi je baik tak payah hahaha..

zulhilmi tempoyak said...

perghhh.. santai..

Len Inouie said...

Kat pantry...ada satu fridge penuh dgn wine and McCallan.


Anonymous said...

Woh wine and McCallan :')

erk tak nampak pun dalam gambar buah yang ko pernah termakan tuh ;)

BKT said...

Masa saya kerja di sebuah MNC kampeni kat Penang bukan aje pool malah ada jukebox juga playstations kat bilik rehat tempat kami melepaskan tension. :D

tapi tu la kami biasanya terlampau bz sampai lupa nak berehat huhu.. :D

hime s said...

BKT: ko keje motorola eh dulu? hihi

Len Inouie said...

ala.. buah tu kat pantry satu lagi.. lgpun buah paling byk kat bilik sembahyang kat tgh2 office.

ada org kantoi keje motorola.

BKT said...

Erk? bukan sila sila teka lagi :D

dilla said...

best gilee wei dpt opis mcm ni , >.< waaaa

Len Inouie said...

Tp kan... sitting on a bean bag doesn't feel right when u wear skirt.


dilla said...

ahaha if i hve one large bean bag at home i wud definitely lay my ass on it all day long .

Len Inouie said...

dilla. u can make your own bean bags. just sew a bean bag look a like case and buy polystyrene beads like a lot!!!
then fill it in your DIY bean bag case.

Voila!! Done!
At least you have wide range of bean bag case option. :)
ot an empty sheets and draw your own things on it.