Wednesday, 5 December 2012

First time Part II

NOTE: This entry is suitable just for lady readers only. Guys are not recommended to read because this is JIWANG :p

Please read First Time Part I (if you haven't read) before you continue reading...
ELLE High Heels that got me walking barefooted on that night
Suddenly he looked at me and asked me....

"Does this happen all the time?".
"Like what? She talks a lot?" I answered/questioned.
"No. Those guys.... disturbing you guys''.
I don't know how to answer that. He perceived those guys as disturbing. I didn't feel they are disturbing. We are the one that is disturbing now. Talking loudly at 2 a.m outside the room. They probably was just saying 'hi'. I really can't answer his question. I didn't say a word.

Those guys stop and went back to their room and my friend started to talk to him again.. bla bla bla.. From there I know he is the eldest son of the family. I know he does not like his family and his sister. I know he has low self-esteem. He got no girlfriend because 'girls always go for the look' he said. Lol.. I found another self-esteem freak like me. He is constantly being compared with his brothers... He said he is never good in something (I always say that too). He loves music like I do. He just watched Orchestra few days back.
I like Orchestra but I can't afford it. *sigh*
He is Virgo like me, 19 Sept and I am 15 Sept from the year of Rabbit.
My friend said 'You will be like your father one day'.
He answered ' Yes. If I'm worth it' with a cool relaxed face.
But I can see his eyes deepen, his fingers fidgeting a little. I know what that body language is.
His statement makes me cry  inside... 'poor poor poor boy'...

My friend was talking nonstop that I had to stop her because he has to leave already but my friend seems to holding him in conversation. Before he left he insists saying 'Please drink water before bed and don't forget your camera. Treat your foot well'. I just realized that I put the camera on the walkway but still beside the door...I pushed my drunken friend inside and say goodbye to the man that walked us to our suite. Gosh! He is such a gentleman and caring. Just like the rest of his family. My eyes tailed him as he left.. I won’t see him again. He will be leaving to Australia and then Indonesia and I don’t know where…

Watching him going further and further… I idly lift my heels form the floor and go into my room. Suddenly I heard a voice at my back ‘Your camera!. He hand over the cameras to me with a very concern look. Gosh! I almost fainted! I thought he was a ghost. I saw him left. Why he is still in front of my door? I say thanks with a smile… and I say goodbye again and close the door.

I fell asleep quickly that night. Yes, I did drink a glass of water before I sleep.

I was on the way back to Damansara when I texted my Maldivian male friend.
Him: Hope you had a good weekend.Even thogh it was a busy one.
Len: I had a good one..anothr first time, sum1 walked me to my room. Guess who?
Him: Dato’? Room boy?
Len: lol.. Dato’is impossible… okay!!!
Him: haha..
Len: it’s the CEO’s eldest son! Hahah
Him: Owww
Len: lol.. quite shocked. He is like us.. our kind.. I feel so.
Him: Did u manage to get his number? Lol.. u were thinking he would be from another world?
Len: Why the hell do u think I want to take his number. I really want to be his friend but I am afraid he wil think I am some kind of I don’t know..
Him: Hihi
Len: Yup.. sinking in his own world. He seems pretty fucked up. Are you the eldest son?
Him: We all have our own fuckd up part of the life hiding to the real world. Yes I am.
Len: See… I always involved with the eldest son.
Him: Ur involved with me.. hahaha.. and btw that’s a nice statistics u’ve been checking on.
Len: I don’t really like it. Involved with eldest son.

Sorry girls.. there is no happy ending story in this real life. Nothing happened! LOL

p/s: Probably I shouldn't close the door and leave him outside the room that quick. :p


benzetto said...

haha~i thought u'll get his number...but it's ok...he's just one of not many guy would be...

Len Inouie said...


He is CEO's eldest son! Dtg drive Lamborghini. Nak mampus ke aku mintak his phone no. Lantak dia la dgn fck'd up look dia. Nak berkawan pun takut. Kang nanti org fikir aku ni berangan nak jadi menantu orang kaya. Haish~ not me!not me!

plain83 said...

owh expected ending..why do i feel like i've known you for years? :p

Wenwink Kidu.Duki said...

hahaha ok kot, jadi menantu datuk. haha

boni kacak said...

cinta tak mengenal harta awak.ehehe.. kalau hati dah suka, hanphone 3310 pun boleh dianggap iphone 5. awak faham maksud saya tak?

Len Inouie said...

Plain: haha..xpected ending. Nothing happen.

wen: Dato' & CEO adlh 2 individu berbeza.

En. kacak: Faham. Tp *le Len Inouie tak suka orang yang terlalu kaya. Nanti tak reti bersyukur plak pastu. ish..

zack said...

Aiseh Len ko cakap omputih ngeri sial otak aku nak proses satu2 perkataan "Karangan bahasa english SPM tahun 2008" ni.. wekekeke xD

Pergh! Bila dah jadi Menantu orang kaya jangan sombong ye.. :P

Jangan jadi macam sinetron indon tu..bila jadi kaya mesti jahat gila babi wakakaka.

Len Inouie said...

Aih.. nombor pun xde cmner nk jadi menantu org kaya?

Aduhai~ korang plak yang piki lebih2 yer.. :p

boni kacak said...

awak.. awak nak komen apa tu?? saya dah jadi tertanya2 dah ni

Jna marcello said...



hnahdy said...

xsanggup nak pakai.. terpeleot nanti.hehe

Len Inouie said...

Jna: *Dengan keyakinan yg tinggi!*. lol.

Hijau: Heels are sexy ;p Last time rog bajet I tomboy dan lesbo = pengkid. So bajet i xleh pakai mcm perempuan la. Skali tgk org yang cakap banyak lebih2 tuduh I pengkid tu jalan pakai heels pun terkangkang-kangkang. Baru dia ternganga tgk I lari dgn high heels. Pdn muka!