Monday, 3 December 2012

First Time Part I

1st time. 1st time. 1st time.

NOTE: This entry is suitable just for lady readers only. Guys are not recommended to read because this is JIWANG :p

I am breaking my own record. Aku dengan muka tak malu menyanyi depan CEO pada hari Jumaat malam yang lepas. Well... Title 'CEO' tu aku tak kagum sangat tapi aku kagum bila ada banyak remarkable achievement. I better not to mention which one. For the sake of SAFETY. Hohoh! The point is.. they are really rich. Ferrari, Audi dan Lamborghini berbaris.

They are rich, yet very humble that makes me stumble.

1st time I talked to a Dato' personally and first time escort a Dato' to the stage for grand entrance (kena paksa). So, I was freaking cold because sangat terkejut kena suruh last minute. Dato' is an old man (63), so I asked politely ''Please allow me to escort you Dato'' sambil tunduk. Hahah...bajet bagos betul Len Inouie... and  I asked again "are you comfortable if I hold you hand?''.
Dato' answered:
''s okay!' and handed his hand to me.
"Out of courtesy, I better ask right?' I said with a very nervous warm smile.
'I like you!' He said. Hell yeah~~ as always, I melt every old man and women's heart. Adoi! Gila bragging! Sila tampar *le Len Inouie sekarang!

1st time I agreed to dance salsa with a stranger and he kept saying 'good girl, good girl' behind my ears. WTF? That is freaking me out but I pretend cool as I danced smoothly  leaving him. Pastu aku duduk jer sebab tak nak lelaki tu datang nak ngendeng2 lagi tapi member aku balik-balik tarik aku on the floor. Haish~ nasib baek aku single. Kalau tak, mau muka aku hancur kena lempang sebab behave macam slutt! Sekarang baru menyesal.
Oh! Lepas menari kaki aku dah sakit sebab high heels. So, aku bukak kasut dan menari dengan other girls like a lesbo. Hahah! Dah puas lepas tensen, aku balik pegi amek kasut aku. Guess who's sitting beside my high heels? Someone.. ;p

He asked me 'Any feedback about the songs selection?'.
I scream 'SUCKS!! I can only dance 10% of them. 90% I just stand and wacth others..'.
He laughed and said 'TRUE!'.

My friend came out of nowhere and cut-off the line.  She talked talked and talked to him and I just smile smile smile. No chance to talk at all. Too bad party is over and we all need to leave. My friend and I complained about our leg is pain because of the heels.
He asked 'why you wear high heels at first place?'. I just answer with a smile.
He asked again 'You guys sure you can walk to your room with that heels?'.
I answered 'I am not sure. Why?... Unless you send us to our room~it would be great!'
Gosh~ where is your brain Len!!! Why did I say that without thinking!? Damn! *le Len Inouie does not realize who she is talking to. It is a GUY!!

My friend needs to rush to the ladies. He needs to rush to send his cousins.  As my friend left to the toilet, I nochalantly look at him leaving while he gave me a 'talk to the hand' sign as he merges to another section of the ballroom. I don't know what was that mean.. I supposed he was leaving. So I wave my hand and just smile. As my friend come back.. HE came back again! OH... so, the 'talk to the hand' was asking me to wait..
He wanted to walk us to our room. hmm...

I took off my heels and walked in barefoot. I can't stand the pain. I've been standing whole day.. so, I think my calf and foot need to rest. He looked at me and ask 'are you sure you want to do this?'. I just smile and rolled my eyes.. it is a YES mr! I won't change my mind. Before we step out from the lobby he asked again if I am sure to walk barefoot or not. Yes! It won't make any difference. My foot is still hurt.

It was a long journey because I couldn't walk that fast and the room is far. My friend was seriously drunk!! She bla bla bla bla... I don't say a word. She can't even remember her room number. Lucky I am around to control her..*facepalm*
Once we arrived at our door, my friend is still talking.. bla.. bla.. bla.. asking him a lot of things. I just listen and smile. I know he was sent to Australia since high school. 8 years away from parent.. alone in AUS. Drop out, changed major and now taking Mandarin Literature. Interested to be a great primary or secondary teacher. He seems really lost, disturbed and fucked up. I know that feeling.. 'poor boy' my heart says. My friend asked him if he would want to teach somewhere in PJ. He said he would probably do that. He loves Malaysia.
So I said 'If you're going to teach her kids, please teach them a dog sounds 'meow, meow' like I did to my nephew and nieces'.
He laughed again!He looks better if he laugh! Okay. hahahah....
Len Inouie bungux. Well people always call me bungux anyway.
My friend was talkin really loud outside the door.. the guys next door came out and say 'Hi, what’s going on?'. I simply answer ' Hi, we are having BBQ. Can u see the smokes?I left them talking with my bla bla bla friend.. sorry. I am a sarcastic one. Can't help it..

Suddenly he looked at me and asked me....


p/s: Ada ke orang  baca sampai habis?


4feet8 said...

oit. apa kata dia..,bungux..? kehkehkeh..gurau je.. ;p

ni menari salsa mcm cerita pisau cukur tu ke..? wohoho..tergoda..

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

1st time I was thinking,"Len..ko pon ting tong ke?" But if ting tong mcm.mana bole ingat sebijik2 ni.
Then when it came to that nice apasal nice sangst.
And of course nk tau how does ur shoes look like sbb Len kdg2 pakai kasut giler tp x gigit dulu.
And as mata keranjang.
Siapa yg handsome dlm ini incident?
Hope Dato' tu. Haha.

Len Inouie said...

4tf8: yup.. salsa mcm dlm pisau cukur. Tp I xde la nak patah2 pinggang. Thats why I x p clubbing (tak pernah). I x pandai menari moden2 yg kasar tuh.haha..hope he didn't see me dancing with another guy. Haha.. nanti melepas peluang. :p

Cheryna: Adeh~ Dato' tua sgt dah. Xnak la.. hmm..tu la.. Len piki, did he came back for just to see me? HAHAHAHAH...adeh syok sendiri! Every girl's dream kot. Nasib bek Len x cakap 'you should bring a white horse to carry me'.Haha

Len Inouie said...

I will put the heels photo in Part II.

boni kacak said...

adeh,..saya terbaca jugak walaupun saya lelaki...

wah, dato' tu cuba menggoda awak ye..hahahaha.. tergoda tak??hehehehe

single ye?? boleh try ni.hahahaha :P

Len Inouie said...

En Kacak: NAntikan sambungan yer.. baru tau sape yang hantar kat bilik. bUkan bilik sebenarnya. Water chalet (suite).

plain83 said...

uuuuu~ (baca smbil makan popcorn) XD

new rendezvous gitu ^^

Len Inouie said...

Plain, haha.. mcm drama dah neh..
Ko boleh lukis buat buku komik dah.


benzetto said...

aku bc dr ats smpai bwh k....excited to know the whole story...haha~