Monday, 17 December 2012

First Date with Online Guy Part II

NOTE: This entry is suitable just for JIWANGERS that is willing to read a long entry. ;)
Please read First Date with Online Guy  (if you haven't read) before you continue reading...

I parked my car and put on my nude shoes; the one that ‘bite’ me the other day. Well, I know I can’t stand ‘angin malam’ so I will always choose to wear closed shoes. Call me a fashion criminal. I don't really mind.

The nude shoe of mine.

As I walked into HAYAKI (one of my safe place*), he followed me from the back. We took the seat at the outer corner. Next to the couple with matched all in black attire. I was with my one piece nude colored simple dress with hair braided to my left shoulder. No makeup on like always and just Lipice on my lips. He was with black trouser with black and white stripes long sleeved shirt. Not bad after all.

2.00 am
As soon as he sit, he scrolled his phone and mumble.
 'Damn! Torres didn't score!' .
(Hmmm.... Fantasy Football i guessed)

" I'm sorry. Fantasy Football. I forgot about the match" he said.

"...... It's ok. I predicted you played Fantasy football when you say 'didn't score'(Yea.. I bet you did. I slow down when I saw the screen playing Castle & ManCity with 0-2 score but you didn't slow down)" I answered as I smile.

We talked about football, fashion, ladies, races, country, food, hiking, camping, trips and nuts. What? Nuts? Yes. Nuts...  areca nut and the chemical composition of the white thing they ate together with Areca nuts.

Areca Nuts a.k.a Pinang!

He has his own company in Malaysia. That is what I know so far... Well, I never really care about money actually. I am not into material. I can still feed myself for now.

" I stopped buying clothes. I have to buy a house by now so I got place to put my clothes " I replied him when he talked about fashions and stuffs.
Well..  I didn't completely stop but I reduced the frequency.

When I talk about house, it reminds me about a guy. He said 'I will buy a house in KL. You can stay in my house if you want'. I stared at him and with my VERY SWEET SMILE , I answered.

" Why the hell in the world do you think I will 'WANT TO' stay in your house? For what? I am not even your girlfriend. Way too far from a 'wifey'. Do not talk to me like I am a bitch. I am not your slut!Please bear that in mind. Thanks but no thanks for your offer Mr.xxxx!"

I remember his reaction when I said those words with smiling face but eyes on fire looking right into his eyes. I hope my eyes burn his brain. He stumbled and speechless.

'Hey, hey...!?' I heard his voice.
"Oh~ I'm sorry. I am distracted with her pretty boobs" I looked at the guy in front of me with guilty face. Once in a while I peek at the cleavage of the girl at the next table.
Whenever I do that, he laughed at me.
Her blouse was this low.

“You’re lesbian” he said.
I explode to my superb laugh that I close my mouth and say ;
‘sorry about my laugh. I didn't mean to embarrass you’.
"You looked at her ass. Thanks for showing them to me” he added.
Well... her cleavage and ass is perrggghhhhh-fect!!
We left HAYAKI at 4.30 a.m after I paid the bill.
“Drive home safely” I said with a warm smile as I released my grip on his hand. 
Shaking hands OKAY!! Not as what you might hope. ;p
“I really enjoy your company tonight” He said.

I grabbed my small phone and text him.
"I'm sorry. I feel bad letting you drive all the way back to Nilai with your sleepy head when my house is just a walk distance. Maybe once I already buy my own house, you can use my guest's room "


Well.. ladies and gentlemen, this is a real life story. Do not expect a dramatic ending lika a good night kiss on the door like a comic books on love stories.
One of the texts from him.

“ were checking her out as if you might almost ask her out”

He agreed that the guy next to the cleavage + nice ass'ed girl thinks I am his competitor that night instead of just a normal lady.

Hell yes! I ruined my chance to create a good first impression. Ha-Ha-Ha. wtf?
Anyway, he is my online friends for almost 3 years from IMVU 3D chat.
Still... I don’t really believe that I agreed to meet him in person.
It was not a blind date anyway.
Blind date is not knowing the person's face.
I know Wardina Safiyyah married to her online friend.

As usual, thanks for reading! Ah~ sangat terharu!

How about you my lovely reader?
Will you go out with an online friend?
P/s: He is the guy I texted in First Time Part II
*safe place = a place that I have backup plans for escape if anything bad happen. ;P


hime s said...

continueee continueeee hahahaha

Len Inouie said...

Takde maknanya nak continue. Dah tulis THE END!


hime s said...

kamon len~~~
tunang aku arituh aku ajak tgk muvi, pastu balik tu gi makan, aku confess gtau aku suke dia :p (since sekolah 10 years ago)

kalo ko suke, ngorat je XD

Len Inouie said...

Hime!! jangan mengarut boleh tak!!!? (blushing).


Takde la.. aku tunggu bulan Jan.
Tengok orang yang hantar aku pi bilik tu datang ke x. I'll be sitting next to VVIP seat on that night. This time, kalau dia cari aku, aku bagi kad aku even kad tu tunjuk nama company BAPAK dia pon.
XD Amacam?

plain83 said...

ohhaa ada chance for a second date? or you have decided already that you're not into him..^^

Nurmujahidah Ismail said...

once, i met an online friend. err... he is just not my type. hehe,, love to read your writings :D

4feet8 said...

mm.. apa nak komen eh..
mm, len, kau tak rasa ayat dia tu double meaning? mungkin dari cara penyampaian mcmtu buat dia lebih selesa (mungkin dia jenis seseorang yg segan(pemalu) utk sampaikan rasa hati secara direct..?)
..tapi, kau taukan hati kau pilih siapa. tanya hatimu, okey..? take care dear.. <3

Len Inouie said...

Plain: Second date is always is called hangouts. XD
Muja: I meet online people not necessarily end up become couples. Friends are precious.
4ft8: Ayat mana? Yang blakang sekali tu ker?ahaha..

Taknak la yang men double meaning ni. Taknak main assume2. Kang orang cakap perasan lebih pulak.

Anonymous said...

First date dah ajak hang out kat rumah wah wah wah ;)

Noty online guy nih..

Len Inouie said...

hmm... baca betul2 ke tak ni.. ha...

Wenwink Kidu.Duki said...

oi oi oi. pa salahnya go on.. bleh kita sama2 buat panggung hahahha

PiSCes Za said...

Will you go out with an online friend?
yup and end up with a marriage :)

hime s said...

haa len,tgk pizza da cakap yes
pe lagi pizza, bukak aa citer

Anon Comey Lagi Oshem said...

Wah Kak Len Dating yea :)

Encik H said...

aaaa..pernah jugak first date dgn online friend ni..terus pegi bukit tinggi pulak tu..:D

PiSCes Za said...

himes.. ko pun terjebak pgl aku pizza? owh no! ni semua gara2 cik plain kite.. takpe2..
nak aku buka entry pasal aku lak ke? x payah la.. lama sgt dah. dah tak berapa nak ingat.. muahaha

Len Inouie said...

Wah! Pizza br ckp yes, encik H dah bukak cerita bukit tinggi.
Haaa...tgk2 wahai anon sekalian.

Baek korang blog pengalaman menganonkan diri(tukar topik).

hime s said...

aiks tukar topik nampak. jangan aa lari

PiSCes Za said...

Encik H pergi bukit tinggi mane?
bukit tinggi indonesia?
bukit tinggi Pahang?
or bukit tinggi Klang.. huhu

Anonymous said...

Wah dating kat Bukit Tinggi Hebat.. :)

Aku ingat nak dating kat bukit rendah je kekekeke

Len Inouie said...

ke nak date ke bukit beruntung?

boni kacak said...

saya nampak bukit beruntung kat komen atas ni.. jom date kat bukit beruntung jom.tempat saya tu.hahaha

dilla said...

haha ikr , me too sometimes cant help from staring pretty girls . hihi

me too . kenal dgn online fren , well he is my sem 1 classmate tapi xpernah tegur kt kampus , i add his fb , after 4 day he confessed . i accept him then he is still by my side until now .

but although dat im happy , i wished dat me n him could be frens a little longer n hve all those funny moments that eventually lead us into relationship . haha

like dis one in ur story . oh man , i missed that chance XD

Len Inouie said...

wow~ dilla got a story too..
Sometimes, thru online we could be lied or we could also know someone from their heart instead of their look. 4me I care more on heart.. so.. the looks won't matter once I know the heart.