Friday, 30 November 2012

Len Inouie on facing DEATH

People die… their world’s stop but the whole world is still moving. The world would not stop for me. NOTHING & NO ONE will stop for me either.
That’s the fact I’ve learnt by times. “
~Len Inouie
There are people that we wouldn’t expect to be there when we’re in a rough time.
There are people that we hope to not to exist in a rough time.
There is a person that we hope to be there when we’re I a rough time.
Know your name and who you are to someone.
It is always good to know where we stand.
NOTE: I would stop for my worlds for a while for the one I really love because I know how it feels to walk alone.

R.I.P to my beloved uncle MANJAT TAJUK.
Hmm... people queue up to see him for the last time.Family, relatives, friends and strangers…..
That is enough to show that he was a very honoured GOOD MAN.
Now I think of me, how many people will turn up for my funeral?  How about you?


Wen said...

Terkejut dengar berita ni. masa balik kg bercuti ari tu memang nampak dia selalu sakit2 juga la.apa pun takziah buat seluruh keluarga kamu... semoga dikuatkan menghadapi kehilangan ni.

plain83 said...

Dunia ini hanya sementara, RIP to your uncle :)

4feet8 said...

takziah len..

The Watercolour said...

Tabahkan semangat. Semua ini hanyalah dugaan.