Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Gorgeous, scars and make up

Tuesday, 27.11.2012

10.15 a.m
"Mulen, can help me to carry 11 bags of appreciation gifts from kanak-kanak spastik selangor?" asked Liz my 1Malaysia(malay) friend.
"Sure! No issue" I answer.

*le Len Inouie was standing at the lobby waiting for the people to unload the 11 bags from the car when she heard a voice besides her ear.

"Hello gorgeous!!""Oh~ ha-aa-a-aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~ (farid) " * le Len Inouie replied with a shocked blurr face and a wide half hearted smile. *Waving hand to say hi/goodbye. I don't know.
Obviously, she does not know how to reply to Farid.

10.39 pm.*le Len Inouie received a text.

IR : Ermm... u look nice tonight. Tanks :p. I had a good time td.. didnt know our conversations will lead to that road.. Live suprises tho..huhuhuhu..

IR : Beb..yer face scar is cos chic pox ea?
Len: where?Everywhere? I got a lot I guess
IR:  Ooo... right side
Len: Right or left?r u sure its right?The rest mayb chic pox or pimple pox. hahaha..
IR: Ic..
Len: But  got a significant 3.5cm scar on my left cheek.
IR: Tak jaga la tu..
Len: ...................... bla bla bla bla...( explaining).
IR: Its ok.. Still attractive.

IR: Y no light make up?
Len: Ugly is ugly, pretty is pretty. Make up won't change the fact of an uglyness. hahah... and no amount of make up can cover ugly heat.
IR : Cool view. no doubt. dat need to fill soul..
Len: So, u thnk I should wear light make up?
IR: I think u shud. every girl shud. There's no ugly girl, just lazy girl.. there's a saying.
Len: Hmm... will consider. Mayb I'm the lazy gal.. I don't really gv a damn.

IR: Comment bout me plak..what u tink. Facial, hair and stuff..
Len: I dun really judge.
IR: Ic.. k..
Len: I prefer accepting ppl what they are.
IR: U totally see me from inner huh. Great
Len: U look fine..smell good. I see people with heart. Why do I want to comment how u carry urself? nothings wrong with u from appearance. Clean shaved face is cool.

........... (on the phone)
Len: Hmm.. why do you hope I expect you grow your hair if you don't have hairs on your head IR?


Did *le Len Inouie give a damn about the 'gorgeous', chic pox and make up? Hmmm....

Bila la *le Len Inouie belajar lebih menghargai pujian dan keluar daripada mindset yang agak mengarut itu.  Rasanya, sampai bila-bila pun * le Len Inouie akan rasa macam tu. Sebab tu dia menggelabah bila orang ajak keluar. Menggelabah! Tahu tak!?


Wen said...

hahahha untung laaa ada org mau ajak kuar hehhehe

Len Inouie said...

Kawan jak.. :)

Wen said...

hahahaha iya la ba hehe

Jna marcello said...

okalaa tu ade jugak org ajakk..Na teringin nk ade org invte jugakk heheh JOM kita dating ajak kak Sha same..

#ehh mmnt Na mcm out of topic kan?

Len Inouie said...

dating pulak dah.. hehe