Monday, 8 October 2012

Special note from a stanger...

Well, I think nothing is better than receiving a sincere note from stranger talking about you.
Describe you in a good way.. that makes me feel good. I really appreciate it..It made my day.

I am not able to read/understand compliment for so long and still learning to appreciate it.
So, a part of me still saying..

Is that TRUE?
Was is a genuine compliment or just to make me feel good?
Was that really me that they were talking about?
So they really notice me?

This photo somehow makes me smile.
That person (Jysa) have no idea of what she has done on my days ahead..

For Lynda, I never expect that she will describe me in that way. Lol..
Lynda was my classmate.. beautiful.. confident.. strong and lovely young lady. She can cook really well..and she has a perfect heart that makes her beautiful.

Oh..God is great! I found so many young ladies that shows me so much good qualities of life that I should adapt! Great!

Thanks to the stranger.. I wish you all the great things.


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

I met a stranger too last week and we were very surprised at how close we could be!

I mean, have you met a stranger who could understand you like your BFF?

You must be someone really nice:)

Len Inouie said...

She never met me, I never met her too. I know her name from the friend Lynda told her about me. Apparently Lynda hasn't get any time to tell me about her.

Well, I can say I am good in 1 on 1 relationship. I am just a joker in a group. Lol..