Friday, 12 October 2012

Sexy Conversation

He asked me 'what makes you the happiest person in the world'.
(He has been asking me for many times but I refuse to answer thinking that he was just taking a pick up line)

Len: Why do you want to know?
L:     Just answer me.
Len: You mean ‘rohani or duniawi’?
L:     Up to you.
Len: I make it a light conversation. Duniawi.
As simple as I sit in a soul cafĂ© whole day… watching people. Smile while enjoying my coffee, accompanied by a book. Send my future kids to school with my own hard earned luxury car (not a car that my husband buy) and fetch them back at school. Be at home before my future husband comes back and cook with love for my lovely family. That’s all.
L:     You are sexy.
Me : What!? Again? Sorry... could you explain more?
L:     Yes. I mean the way you think is sexy… attitude.
Me:  Oh… I never thought that this conversation would make me sexy.
L:     But you never show it. That’s good.
Me:  My sexy attitude as you perceived is meant for my future husband. Not public.
L:     I have another question…
Me:  Not a serious one please..
L:     Never mind la... maybe next time..
Me:  k…

I don’t understand how ‘sexy’ come out from his mind.




cHeRyNa PiReS said...

aaaahhh...your thoughts are quite feminine. so, maybe that is sexy?

Or your scars are sexy?
Or your dreamy eyes?

Hey, just ask him la sayang!

Len Inouie said...

Lol.. he never answer and I don't bother asking more. Afraid it will lead to more sexy conversation. =)

Besides, I knew he said..
'Len pun boleh tahan jugak, tapi sayang banyak parut'.