Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Living my life

I will not waste my days, making up all kind of ways,
To worry about all the things,
That will not happen to me..

So I let go of what I know I don't know
And I know I only do this by ;

Living in the moment
Living my life easy and breezy
With peace in my mind
I got peace in my heart, got peace in my mind
Wherever i'm going, i'm already home

I'm letting myself of all the hook for things i've done
I let my past go past, now i'm having more fun
I'm letting go of the thoughts that do not make me strong
And I believe this way can be the same for everyone

I can't walk through life facing backwards

I'm living in the moment.

Wah!!hebatnya aku!
Ye,memang hebat copy lyric lagu Living In The Moment - Jason Mraz. Haha!
Aku tak tahu bagi korang. Tapi aku rasa lagu ni sangat bagus. Lirik dia sangat positif... (sedang berangan buat cover lagu ni). Heheh! Dah datang dah kesengalanku.

Anyway,aku sangat bersyukur atas kewujudan Jason Mraz...
Aku juga bersyukur atas semua yang dah berlaku...
As long as I am breathing, it is a great reason to be grateful.

Buat baik,ajak ramai-ramai. Buat jahat, silakan masuk neraka sorang-sorang. Tak payah nak tarik orang lain juga.


Photo one spot in my room.. =) Guitar with capo..


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

Yeay! You did reply my entry. Good choice :)

It's not always about the melody, don't you think?

boni kacak said...

jom kita buat baik jom!! hehehe

plain83 said...

Amen to that ^^

AHMAD AFIQ said...

lagu dia mmg inspirasi. im yours pon best.

Mrs Velentine said...

follow sini

Jna marcello said...

best song~! yang xkn boring dgr ;)