Friday, 5 October 2012

*Le freak

On last May,2012. I came back to my hometown and asked my sister how was I when I was small cute girl. She said nobody could control me. I was a freak and irresistibly annoying kid.

Once, my mom said she regrets letting me alive/giving birth to me because I never listen to anybody. I always have my own mind when I was a small girl. I always have thing to say and answer.

When my mom said that, I answered :

 ‘Who asked you to deliver me? I never even ask right? I was not involved in your decision at all. It was your own fault so do not complaint and regret if you have ungrateful child like me
My mom cried out of words and my sister beat me till I can’t move / almost die (she got black belt taekwondo).Gila.. I never cried but I scream when it’s hurt (my father always beat me).I remember my leg was bleeding once. But I did not cry for certain… I stared right to my father’s eyes. I did not sleep inside the house; I slept outside together with my lovely big orange coloured dog. His name was Lingkong. He's dead by the way. But I've changed OK! I didn't remember I said those mean words at all.
OMG! I was a weirdo and freak child.

Could I've been an Indigo Child or Indigo Adult? lol.. (APA KAITAN DENGAN POST?)

I did this test. I know its funny and weirdo but I just feel like doing it.

I was 100% Indigo according to the test.

> One thing that I just remember.. my watch keep dying and I feel like there is electricity everywhere. That makes me feel worried touching thing other than leaves.. I've tought of wearing hand gloves all the time once but then it was too freak.

> I never feel home. I never feel that i belong to anywhere. The longing to be somewhere I don't know is so high that makes me hard to stay long in one place.

> Most of time, I read people by their don't need to say word. Hahahaha.. scary isn't it?

Arrghhh.. this is too bad. I am a quarter of a century and still don't understand myself. I know I can do things, I believe I can do things but I just don't understand. Grrr~~~~

Could I've been an Indigo Adult for real? damn! damn! damn! tell me I am *Le Normal Len Inouie.

I am 90% of the character in this list.

Well... it is not really a big deal. My aunties can see THINGS that normal people can't see. My uncles can see THINGS too.. I am not lying at all. I don't like lies. My dad could see THINGS too.. I don't want to believe but people can't fake fears of something. People do not get scared that they pee in their pants for no valid reason.


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

everybody is special. that's all i have to say. and your blog is special. look at that beautiful header.

*u can see what u wanna see*

dayteenlea said...

sini takde chatbox ek huhuh

no la. u pun pretty gakk :)

Arjuna Silvera said...

take care good say good and u will be u forever,,,coz everybody is unique. my teacher said: be you, a better u everyday

faizfakhirin said...

Nice Nice Nice