Sunday, 14 October 2012

*le freak Len Inouie's dream

The Dream, 1932 by Pablo Picasso
I have this dream..  
Just dreams…
simply a dream…
(I hope it will be real)
I don't have that much money to make it real.
So... I will keep dreaming.
I dream..
To have a nice house* with a special room..
A room for me to put my guitars and a grand piano..
And a room for me to paint/skecth
and the most important part is…
I want to be able to do all that with bared skin a.k.a naked.
I want a big aquarium as my big wall..
The light from outside will shine through the big aquarium.
The sun shine will shine on my skin..
and I will be happy with my coffee and books..
or maybe sunshine while painting?
I would like to have a beautiful bed inside my special room.
 It’s not meant for me to sleep.
 It’s meant for

'LOVE'. *blushing*
And I will paint my ceiling with surrealism technique
and I will have a wide open blue sky
and so I will have the feeling like I am naked under the sky..
 no matter how dark the world outside,
I will always have a sunny bright room.
Don't ask me
I don't have the answer
But I feel good dreaming about it.
p/s: I dream to have 'The Dream' inside my room..