Sunday, 24 June 2012

Too bad bad bad for me... part 1

Some say, don't have the right dress is a very very bad situation. Some people say, loosing his/her family is something common and everyone will go through. Hard situation is so 'subjective'...i guess.

Well, for mine. I've been in a very hard situation.
I don't think my readers/friends are under age anymore. I hope you (yes you) can open your eyes and mind before you read this.

Yah.. before I write thing I would like to say. I would like to pray.

"God, thanks for all beautiful things that ever happen to me. Hard, rough, sweet, bitter or rainbows. I would still say that you're my Almighty God. I am grateful for what I have today and who I am today. Forgive me for my sin and mistakes. I pray that whoever read what I wrote will open their heart and mind and learn something instead of judging what I am. Amen''

To be continued..... :)