Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hey LEN!! You don't remember who you are?

I am getting to PROBABLY half of my life span. All this while, I might be pretending. Maybe?Maybe not! But now, I don't think I should hide anything. People will not love me more or less even if I tell the truth because nobody care INDEED.

Maybe.. I am getting to the different phase of hormone I guess. hahaha....

Today, what I wanted to write is about my real life. What I mean by real is REAL! No kidding. :p

I remember.. when I was in university, I never really think/feel that I am poor. I always have something to eat. Eg; just bread for whole week, noodles for the whole month..or anything cheap. Thanks to my brother for always giving me money for food.

I might say.. this food is sucks but back then, it was referring to : too salty, too sweet or too oily. Nothing further than that.

Now, everything has changed. I started to complaint about less cheese, not enough spices.. and bla bla bla..but thanks God! I quickly realized that I have strayed too far..Its not that I am not enjoying my life but I should not complaint too much. I shall be grateful for what I have.. there are millions people out here died starving.

Before this, I have no idea what is DELICIOUS. For me, all the foods are delicious. Now that I can afford a better choices, I started to say ' this is not nice, that is not tasty, those are craps..and bla bla bla bla'.

Hey LEN!! You don't remember who you are?

OK. Behave!

Moral of the post : Do not complaint too much because that might lead you to be UNGRATEFUL