Thursday, 10 May 2012

Accident again!

I am actually considered as a newbie in driving.
The main reason for me to buy a Honda car is to ensure that if i involved in any car accident, the protection/safety is better than using kancil/kelisa or anything of that kind. However, I did not meant this car to bump with everything.

Today, i just bumped a 4x4 car at TTDI junction. I was so worried but thanks God! The driver did not even realized that something hit his car. Well, he got a tough car somehow. But this is the first time I hit someone.. for the previous 4 times, other ppl hit me.

Lately I feel that Malaysian drivers are getting worst. Everyday, on my way from Kajang to Du, there must be at least one ambulance. Means, there is a car accident.
I can't comment further.