Friday, 16 March 2012

New Boss, NEw Style

New boss. New style. New everything.
I just got a new boss because the previous boss resigned. And plus... I am working hand in hand with the company's CEO's daughter. Its tough man... high pressure.
Seriously, I have no idea what is ahead.. but this is life.
We should be more grateful about what we have and what we got and not what we don’t have.
I’ve learned that making complaints will not make me even happier especially in dealing with people in everyday life.

Ok.. I know 2x!! All this while, most of my posts are complaining. Lol..
But that is not all I am.

I encountered so many people that hope everyone will change according to their liking.
But the fact is: to survive we should know to adjust ourselves with the environment.

Well… well… well… now I am talking like a ‘women’. Hahaha…
Well then, I am no longer a little girl by the way.