Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sapphire desire?

Out of sudden..

Suddenly i feel like i need to have a ring.. a sapphire ring.
Why? I don't know.. I tot this feeling is just a compulsive desire.
However I have been thinking about it since last few months..
for what? I don't know.
I just think that i need a sapphire. May be I should call it sapphire desire?
I am really into it now. I searched about sapphire and i found out that it is birthstone for September baby.
And Price Charles also choose Sapphire as the wedding ring for Princess Diana.

I am considering these...

Which one is nice?
I already bought one.


haikal said...

no 4 semat..

|nouie said... cantik.. cuma patern tu akan kelihatan terlalu muda utk aku bila aku dah umur 40. ha3..