Sunday, 9 October 2011

Post 111: Jealousy

I am not single.. I used to be not so 'jealousy'.. but now I find that i get jealous easily. Is it because i really love my husband wanna be? Lol..

I got nothing to be jealous indeed but I can't stand and sit still somehow.
I am worried all the time even he is telling me the 3 words everyday.
Ahh.. I am just a lady ( lady ke?) hahaha!

Dulu rumah aku berjiran jer dgn dia.
Tp sbb kerja aku pindah pi Damansara lg.
Suddenly berjauhan ni buat aku tak best sometimes.

Tp semua ni sbb aku jugak.

I am too eager to reach for my dream and let everyone kept aside.
Or maybe because I used to be ALONE?