Sunday, 21 August 2011

New JoB!!

I blew my job with OCBC. That was damn sucks.. there's a lot if thing that i've learned there. Enough! Now i'm working with a property developer company.
The funny part is that, I am at same level with my previous trainer in ATCEN Sdn Bhd.
I gave my resignation letter on 5/5/2011 and officially deceased position on 5/6/ 2011.
However due to high unconsumed leave, I am no longer working at OCBC since 6/5/2011.
Since then I was just enjoying my life.. sleeping all day, wacth movie like forever, travel anywhere I want to go.. and finally, on 1/8/2011 I was scheduled for an interview. On 2/8/2011 i received an email to inform that I passed my job interview and i will start working on 15/8 (As i requested).

So, that's it. Now I am working with property developer.
Hopefully everything is going to be fun.
another thing :- I am staying with my brother again.

is that a good or bad news?


haikal said...

hmm..ok la kate keje penat..skrg da relak2 da..pape pn gambatte ah..

|nouie said...

thanks..stakat ni ok kot~...
cuma tanggunghwb makin berat.