Tuesday, 4 January 2011

goodbye 2010, welcome 2011.

for a moment, i think about what i did in 2010.
Nothing.. i was not fruitful enough. I just make money but I did nothing that gives me a return. I only knew to plan however no any ACTION.

I planned to buy the car..
I already got it but at last minute i canceled for a 'doubt' reason.
Finally, i realize that i am not dare to do anything better.
I just know enough how to gain weight.. JK.

However, this year i have determine myself to be more responsible and disciplined.
I want to be more responsible for my future, my family and my future family ( by God's will).

2010: a lot of mistakes, a lot of experience.

what I can conclude is that;

I can rest assure you that I am different than what you know before.
almost 360 degree..probably.

I just know that.