Thursday, 6 May 2010

Noromuk Nodi Lugu'd Piginawan 'TO'

'to' means 'us' in my language. KITO = both of us
Suddenly, i like this song. ho3..
First of all, i love the voice.
And then i learn to understand the meaning.
So, i decided to share what is the meaning of the song in my profile.

Here is the lyrics; (together with translation)

Bolobok kosuabon natalup nodi-The dews in the dawn already vanished
Siora notitihan dilo tadau-When it stunt by the sun
Miagal nogi'd dilo tupus ku dia-Just like my love for you
Tumalup soirad notitiu pitagadan-Vanished by the fights

Umbalan kud mongulud di nohukotno-I tried to fix what messed up
Ruma'ag nogid lugu'd pipusan-But the core of our love is getting worst
Baino misonong suab mitogod kito-Today we love, but tomorrow we fight again
Noromuk nodi lugu'd piginawan to-The core of our love has gone astray

Ralan do piupusan to natagak kodi-The path of our love is longer exist
Tumagak nodi kotumbayan ku diya-I am losing my faith for you
Poingkuro pod mongundar di nolunuk no-How to fix is it’s already destroyed
Nung nokologos mantad did pogulu-And been abandon for ages

Alansan oku po da mantad do id dia.-I hope one thing from you
Romiton po boros ku di tohuri-Please try to accept what I told you before
Umbalan no da'a do mamarati-Please try to understand
Sundung tu aiso nodi pirotian to-Even though we no longer have reciprocal