Thursday, 6 May 2010

Noromuk Nodi Lugu'd Piginawan 'TO'

'to' means 'us' in my language. KITO = both of us
Suddenly, i like this song. ho3..
First of all, i love the voice.
And then i learn to understand the meaning.
So, i decided to share what is the meaning of the song in my profile.

Here is the lyrics; (together with translation)

Bolobok kosuabon natalup nodi-The dews in the dawn already vanished
Siora notitihan dilo tadau-When it stunt by the sun
Miagal nogi'd dilo tupus ku dia-Just like my love for you
Tumalup soirad notitiu pitagadan-Vanished by the fights

Umbalan kud mongulud di nohukotno-I tried to fix what messed up
Ruma'ag nogid lugu'd pipusan-But the core of our love is getting worst
Baino misonong suab mitogod kito-Today we love, but tomorrow we fight again
Noromuk nodi lugu'd piginawan to-The core of our love has gone astray

Ralan do piupusan to natagak kodi-The path of our love is longer exist
Tumagak nodi kotumbayan ku diya-I am losing my faith for you
Poingkuro pod mongundar di nolunuk no-How to fix is it’s already destroyed
Nung nokologos mantad did pogulu-And been abandon for ages

Alansan oku po da mantad do id dia.-I hope one thing from you
Romiton po boros ku di tohuri-Please try to accept what I told you before
Umbalan no da'a do mamarati-Please try to understand
Sundung tu aiso nodi pirotian to-Even though we no longer have reciprocal

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


After 4 years meninggalkan Labuan Matriculation College, baru dapat dtg ke Labuan again today. Fight Ak5176 7.50 a.m. So, bertolak dari Damansara jam 4 pagi.
sampai kat Labuan sharp jam 10.00 a.m . 15 minutes earlier that what scheduled.
So, terpaksa la tunggu abang aku sampai jap. Sampi rumah jer aku terus kemas2 rumah abang aku and then terlelap. Teramat sangatlah penatnyer..

Now dah sleepy tapi xleh nak tido.
Sangat2 panas kat sini.

Monday, 3 May 2010


Gambar ni semuanya aku ambil masa kali last aku balik kampung hr tuh..
end of 2008. Now dah 2010... agaknyer budak2 nih still kenal aku ke tak yer?

After 6 Months

After 6 Months..

Today going to be the end of my probation.
But~ no any news yet.
My manager haven't inform me anything.
I don't mind being kicked out from this company.
The pay is good but the job is damn hard.
If i am kicked out, i will say YEAH!!
If i am honoured to continue with this company, i'm gonna say Thanks God!
But somehow, i will only stay for maximum of 2 years.

Tomorrow, i am going to Labuan.
Because i am now on LEAVE.
3 may-16 may 2010.