Thursday, 15 October 2009

Forgiving and phobia

Last night, stay awake till sunrise..
Quite suprising..out of sudden, someone texted me.
And appology.. well, its been 4 years..
i didnt aware that i've been hating and feel phobia towards that person that long.
I could look to his name, phobia to see.. hate to think.

Last nite, that someone appologies for what ever appen between us.
Honestly, i thought that person will ignore what he has done.
Until now...finally he-confess that he was suffering coz of 'guilty' in this 4 years.
I cried-actually, coz its hurt.. and sensitive to me. After few hours trying hard to convince me and regreting what ever happen, finally i could spill out the word.
'i forgive you'.. but with one condition-never ever forget what u ever did.. if u forget, u gonna repeat it again.

Finally, u got ur respect back again.


Trust nobody?