Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Today..i take some time to check every one's blog.
but actually, not everyone. ho3.. well, i missed a lot [i guess].

julu : dia kata Indon x sedar diri. 2 yg aku faham. Aku pun beringat2lah jugak. hehew..

bet: boke sukkomi dia tuh.. alahaila.. mest nampak cm bodo jer. kah3..

aimi: aih, aku lupa plak pasal kejar cita2 sebelum mengejar cinta tuh. ha3.. aku dh kembali ke jalan asal.

kidut: banyak pula ga,br kawin ko buat ar.. sa kawen ambil gambr free ar? hahah..

Well, actually when i don't write anything here, i write it in my DIARY. ho3...
can u believe that? i do write? hohoh... but its true. i to read what i wrote a few years ago. I end up with lafin' at myself. Wtf i wrote huh? I can see the difference of the way i think year by year. That is the real motive. I'm thinking of showing a piece of my diary to all of you sooooon... which year do u want me to show??bagi 2006 la.. nak?