Friday, 29 May 2009


after what had happen in my life..i thought that I've grown enough; mentally, physically..
But then...sometimes, i feel like I'm too frail for all of these sick things.
i ask myself what the fcuk real thing that really going on and what the fcukin lies?
whats the difference?
life is hard..ya.may be not you; but my life is hard.
but i believe that i am strong enough for all of this.
its tiring me sometimes.
i feel helpless sometimes... [hmmm...]
for these 3 days, i had tears on my cheek..hoping tears could take away the pain.
and last night, i had a little but meaningful chat with my brother..eldest brother.
and had this deep conversation. i know he already bears much more than i can imagine.
i told him ' maybe this life is hard but it will be harder if we don't stick together'. And i told him to not to worry about us.. coz we care more on his health.
i wanted to say that he is the greatest brother in whole world [but i did not]..and wanted him to stand up still cause he is our 'head' [but I'm sure, he already knew that he is a leader of us]
Nowhere in this world i could find such a great brother like him.
I wanted to say ' if we fail, we fail as family'. but i refused to say that.
coz I'm sure we will survive no matter how hard.
be positive. trouble is a friend.

These three remains : faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corintihians 13:13